Top Content Management Systems of 2018

We’re going to go out on the limb here and say what many have been thinking – content is the most important aspect of SEO.  Why would we say that?  Because while links are needed, unworthy content doesn’t get any (unless you’re trying to manipulate the search engine – bad idea).  And with millions of posts being made daily about every possible topic under the sun, it’s difficult to stand out.  Content Management Systems aren’t going to write the content for you, but they can certainly help you create and manage it more effectively.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (a huge one), you’ve heard of WordPress.  It’s the most famous CMS of all.  With hundreds of customization options that come standard and millions of choices when you factor in plugins and outside tools that can be used in conjunction, a web developer can build anything the business owner wants with every possible bell and whistle one could think of.  Wordpress comes with their basic themes pre-installed, and it allows you to download, purchase, and install themes created by others as well.  If you have limited experience in building websites, WordPress is probably not your best option because you do need to know some code.  You could purchase a drag-and-drop builder add-on to help you however.


Weebly is one the easiest-to-use content management systems out there.  The entire website template is drag and drop, and you can choose to either start with a pre-built theme as a base-line or create something from scratch.  If you’re looking to design an attractive website in no time with little to no coding experience, this is your go-to platform.

Anything built on Weebly is automatically mobile-friendly and resizes to any screen it’s pulled up on, which is a major plus.  Additionally, adding a blog is two button clicks – add page, select blog template that you like.  This is ease of use at its best.


Wix is another easy to use CMS.  The battle between Weebly and Wix is like that of Coke and Pepsi – most people love one and hate the other.  Much like Weebly, Wix is entirely drag-and-drop, allowing the user to create a fantastic looking website with all kinds of custom elements with no coding experience whatsoever.  While Weebly caters to informational websites, Wix aims more toward businesses that sell online.


Joomla is the 2nd largest CMS behind WordPress.  There are limitless customization options available, but the novice user will not be able to build what they want.  This system has a tremendous community supporting its development and tons of documentation to help with each aspect of site creation and design, but it requires serious reading and we recommend a hard-pass on this platform unless you’ve got an IT background.

What Should You Use?

This is a question we get frequently, and the answer is this – it’s up to the business owner.  Personally, as a business owner myself, I would not spend the time to build a website when it’s not my expertise.  While I own the company, I have website developers who can do it.  In my opinion, business owners should focus on the areas where they can provide the most value, and for me, website design is not it.  However, my website team is fantastic and it is THEIR specialty.  So, should you choose to work with us, you’ll get an amazing website that looks and performs great.

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